Sprinkle A Little Color Onto Your Winter Heels

Rome, February 15th, 2012

As the sun warms up in the city of the Romans, I start to think of all the shoes I can start to wear! It has been a bit difficult since this fabulous city was struck with inches of snow. But now that it is starting to melt away, it is time to grab a pair of heels and strut your stuff down the Spanish Steps.

It is important for you to know that during the winter months in Rome everyone tends to wear the usual suspects: black, brown or gray. But I am a true believer that colors are not only for the warm, hot months but also for the cold months as well. Some of us stick to more traditional colors and others set the trend and show everyone that a little color in the Winter brings a lot of sunshine to melt those wintery blues away!

Take a look at some of the most wonderful and colorful shoes that I came across on http://www.heels.com/ and http://www.missguided.co.uk/. Each pair is bound to give your wardrobe a touch of sunlight.

Bebe Shoes Clover – Plum Suede


Steve Madden Angels – Magenta


Shazet Strappy Peep Toe Platform Heels – Green


Hanlie Bow Peep Toe Platform Heels – Cyan Blue


Balis Suede Platform Court Heels – Orange


Enjoy tomorrow’s cold weather with a bit of zest!

Remember adding a little color to those dull winter days can make your day!

Besos, Katica


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