The Sweetest Inspiration


Piazza della Reppublica – Roma

I wanted to take this moment or post to express how I feel about being a part of the Blogger World.

I started this blog to write about the things that I Love and that make me smile. But as I started to read and browse through so many wonderful blogs, I thought, “Wow everyone is so inspiring.” Each blog I have come across has something exciting to tell and express on so many different levels.

I have come across individuals who have motivated me to chase after my dreams. Others have inspired me to be more creative and giving. All this was transmitted to me by the words that I read or by the pictures that captivated me and allowed me to see things in a different perspective.

Thank you to everyone that is contributing to this memorable journey that is allowing me to grow and appreciate life so much more.

“In Bocca al Lupo a Tutti!”

Un Bacione, Katica


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