Roma | Villa Borghese

Today was a wonderful day in Rome. It was sunny and a great day to go to Villa Borghese, a beautiful park in the city center. I really recommend you visiting it when you come to Rome. We decided to rent a couple of bikes and had such a great time! I wanted to share this post with you all cause the sights are truly breathtaking, and so many ideas came to mind while I was there for some great fashionable photo shots!!! Hopefully I will be able to put up some posts soon with some Roman fashion with shots taken in this magical place.  I hope you enjoy the pics and let me know what you think.

Afterwards we headed to this nice little caffé, next to the Colosseum for an aperitivo.

We had a nice prosecco, with orderves and macaroons.

Don’t forget to also stop by here when you come and visit.

Have a wonderful day!

Baci, Katica

p.s. Sorry for the inconsistency with the colors, shades and tones in the pictures. :/


11 thoughts on “Roma | Villa Borghese

    • Thank you for the nice comment!!! 😉 I just discovered the wonderful art of photography. I am so mesmerized by how much a photograph can say to people!!

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