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Glossybox Italia has been recently introduced to the Italian market. I had come across many blogs posting about this cute and adorable little box and its products. At the time it was not available in Italy. This month I recently discovered that the Glossybox trend has taken off in Italy! I do know that many countries offer it, so if you are able to try it out, I highly recommend it.

Today I received the February Glossybox, my first, and it was very exciting receiving it and unpacking it.

The little box contains the following products:

1. Neve Cosmetics|Pastello – Eyeliner

2. Bamboo|Kendi Dry Oil Mist – Protects hair from heat styling tools, adds shine, and strengthens.

3. Prima Spremitura|Shampoo Normalizzante – Olive oil nourishes hair by adding shine and smoothness.

4. Prima Spremitura|Crema Fluida Idratante – Olive oil body cream makes your skin supple and soft.

5. Prima Spremitura|Sapone All’olio D’oliva –  Olive oil soap that nourishes the skin.

Let me know what you think of Glossybox.

Have a wonderful day!

Baci, Katica


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