Italian Trends Kiko City Summer Collection

Kiko Duo Chrome Nail Lacquer


Kiko Pigment Loose Eyeshadow


Kiko Sunproof Poweder Foundation SPF 15


Kiko Sunproof Cream Foundation SPF 15


Kiko Essential Bronzer


Kiko Sunscreen Primer City Filter SPF 50


Kiko Shimmering Body Oil


Kiko Makeup Milano is a very popular cosmetic brand in Italy. It  not only carries a diverse range of cosmetics but they are also very affordable. I really enjoy experimenting with their new colors and products and they just came out with their City Summer Collection which I am looking forward to buying. Especially since the sun is out and shining in Rome today! Wohooo!!

Hope everyone is having a sunny day!




The PR Couture Guide To Breaking Into Fashion PR – Crosby Noricks

Let me start by saying, “This book is Fabulous!” I came across it while browsing Crosby Noricks blog. Let me quickly explain how and why I stumbled upon her blog.

I majored in Events Management and Music and Media Management and during my first year of University I had to take a Marketing module. I fell in Love with marketing, communications and public relations. And more specifically with applying it to the Music, Movie and Fashion Industry. Fashion being the one I discovered recently. So, I started to do some research online on how it works. A click here and there and before I knew it I was reading her very informative blog with excitement! I then read that she was publishing her very first book, “The PR Couture Guide To Breaking Into Fashion PR,” and of course, I had to buy it!!!

The book came in a few days ago and was so amazed at how much information I was learning through her experience and advice. I am very much enjoying reading it and look forward to putting her tips into practice. I really feel that while reading her book she takes you by the hand and helps you on how to explore this fascinating world of Fashion PR. She explains what PR is in the fashion industry to how to get your foot through the door and use the internet and its social media outlets to help you achieve your goals.

If any of you are interested in Fashion PR or are just curious, this book is definitely a great read not only with the valuable information and insight she has provided the reader with but also through her involving and fluid writing.

I just want to end this little post with a Huge Thank You to everyone who reads my blog!

Baci, Katica

I’m Singing In The Rain!

I'm Singing In The Rain

I’m Singing In The Rain

Hi Everyone!

I am sorry that I have not posted in a while!! ;( I have been pretty busy and it has also been raining a lot here in Rome.

Gene Kelly’s song, “I’m Singing in the Rain,” always puts a Big smile on my face!!! And what a great time to hear that song!! I would Love to dance and sing like he does under the rain…. hmmm… I might just have to grab not only my umbrella but also my hat on my way to singing lessons!!

Hope everyone is enjoying some good ole sunshine!

Lots of love and baci, Katica

Mavala | Delicious Colors

The other day I went into Upim where they carry lots of nail polishes. One of my favorite brands is Mavala. I love their little size and how they come in so many colors.

Last month Mavala released their Delicious Colors range for Spring and I came across these sorbet colors at the store. They are each so sweet and fun that even their names are adorable and delicious. I had to buy one, well I wanted to buy all of them, but I just grabbed Candy Floss and I am in Love with this color. This color has definitly added a little sunshine to the Roman life since it has been raining quite a lot these last few days.

Un Bacione, Katica

Estée Lauder Mad Men Collection








I am a huge fan of Estée Lauder cosmetics, especially their lipsticks because they are so creamy and pigmented!!!! I happened to be browsing their website today and I came across their Mad Men Collection. I thought to myself…. “Why did I not see this before?” On top of the fact that I Love Estée Lauder, I am also a huge fan and in Love with the TV show, Mad Men. 😉

The packaging is really beautiful and definitely honorates the 50’s; a time of pure chic and glamour. I also adore the color of both the blush, Evening Rose, and the lipstick, Cherry. I can not wait to get my hands on these items. It still has not arrived in Italy, but I hope it gets here soon! 🙂

Hope everyone is having a fabulous day!

Sending you all lots of love and baci, Katica

Roma | Always Discovering The Eternal City

Good morning!

Yesterday I got off of work early and had to stay in the city center cause I had a singing lesson. I decided to take a stroll around the monuments and took some pics of this gorgeous city. It amazes me how every time I take a walk around Rome, I always find something new and beautiful. Hope you enjoy some of the pics I took!!!

Have a wonderful weekend! Sending everyone lots of Love!

Bacione, Katica

Italian Trends | Coccinelle Celeste




As I was browsing Glamour Italia the April issue, I came across the advert for Coccinelle’s Celeste line. This bag is so fashionable, it is a small envelope clutch that comes in so many Spring colors. I then noticed lots of girls around town wearing this cute little handbag! I want one!!!! 😉 The pink one is my favorite one!!

Hope everyone has had a great start to their week!!