Italian Trends | Minty Fresh

During my walk around town the other day, I noticed so many shops in Rome carrying clothes, bags, and accessories in Mint. I am loving this color, there is something about it that is so fun that makes you want to put it on, making you feel really Fresh like Spring!

Here are a few of my favorite minty fresh items!!

Nelly Shoes – Jade


Topshop – Pocket Shift Dress


Topshop – Mint Mermaid Belt


Zara –  Sandal with Ankle Straps


ASOS Bitten Leather Platform T Bar High Sandal


ASOS Zip Based Handheld Bag


Have an awesome day everyone!

Bacione, Katica



Hi Everyone!!!

It has been a while since I last wrote an entry!!! I am so sorry! I told myself that this year I would start this blog and see it through!!!

Rome has been and seen quite a lot this last week. It has undergone a dramatic change in climate. From cold moisty nights to a snowy blizzard that filled the daily Roman life with white crispy snow and a change in wardrobe.

But for some reason this weather has made me very intrigued in a variety of blues! From baby blue to royal blue, I want them all in my wardrobe. As mentioned in an earlier post, I am cherishing and adoring also a variety of dresses. And there so many lovely dresses in the color BLUE!

I highly recommend, a faboulous site that carries so many dresses and other fashionable items in this great color. Not only, but you can find a great range of affordable to more expensive items. Whatever your budget is, you are bound to find an adorable item.

I recently purchased the ASOS Lace Waisted Dress with Contrast Lining and I’ve just been notified that I should be receiving it tomorrow!!!!

ASOS Lace Waisted Dress with Contrast Lining – €27.95

ASOS Midi Dress in Soft Chiffon – €29.35

ASOS Tulip Dress in Jacquard – €31.44

ASOS Aran Jumper Dress In Twist Yarn – €33.54

ASOS Midi Dress With Belt – €62.89


Besos, Katica