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Rome Fashion Cocktail 2013


This year I decided I would be Bold and take a leap of Faith! Here I am doing just that and I have to say that it feels liberating!!!

I am organizing a Rome Fashion Cocktail event for the upcoming summer that is just around the corner! I am very excited! It is a great opportunity for Fashion Bloggers and Fashion Lovers to get to know each other and do some networking. I feel like Rome does not offer enough of these types of events! And this is such a great city that has so much potential! I would Love to know your thoughts and if you have any ideas! If you are in town, pease let me know if you would like to attend!

Baci, Katica

Roma | Casa & Bottega








Casa & Bottega is an equisite little boutique where you can enjoy a nice aperitive. I came across this adorable cocktail bar by chance and I must say that it truly is a lovely little place to enjoy a great Hugo cocktail and some delicious food. From the cocktails to the food, it was all presented with elegance and taste. The staff are so welcoming that it feels like you have just made some new friends in this magnificient city, Rome.

I highly recommend this place for anyone who comes and visit Rome or who lives just around the corner.

Please do try the Hugo cocktail, it is superb! It is definitly my new favorite drink!!



Via dei Coronari, 183
00186, Rome