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A Little Sunday Stroll Around Rome

Today we went for a stroll around Via del Babuino, Piazza di Spagna, Via Condotti and Via del Corso. These are the best places to visit if you are in the mood for some shopping in Rome. You will find all of the finest stores: Giuseppe Zanotti, Miu Miu, Chanel, Gucci, Missoni and the list goes on. Everything your fashionista heart desires to see, you will find it in these spectacular places!!! Each and every step is truly a breathtaking experience, passing little streets, monuments and sweet little cafe’s.

As we were walking, we passed by Giuseppe Zanotti on Via del Babuino. I had to take a  picture of this sexy heel!!!!

I was hoping to take lots more pictures but I got a bit carried away by all the looking and awing in amazement at the beautiful bags, shoes, and clothes.  I will be definitely put up more pics next time!

Giuseppe Zanotti 

Piazza di Spagna

After strolling around the city center, we went to Circo Massimo where there is this cute little restaurant, 0,75, where you can enjoy a great aperitivo. The food is delicious and the drinks they make are truly exquisite!

This is what was left on my plate after some great pasta al forno, formaggio, and lenticchie. Yummy!!! Don’t forget a great glass of wine to go with your meal!!!

To finish it up…. some chocolate sweetness!!

Have a great day everyone!!

Un Bacione, Katica

Giuseppe Zanotti… A Girl’s New Bestfriend!

Rome, Italy

Now that the New Year has commenced it is time to make some brand new changes. 2012 I believe is a year to be daring and true to yourself by taking whatever dreams are in the closet out and putting them on like a brand new pair of shoes that have never been worn before because you thought they were just not you.

On that note I would like to start off this new blog of mine about a pair of shoes that I came across a little while back. Oh let me tell you, I could not keep my eyes off of these daring and breathtaking turquoise wedges. These amazingly gorgeous shoes are by Giuseppe Zanotti, an Italian shoe designer, who clearly has a talent for creating the most magnificent designs.  I hadn’t heard of this designer before, so I decided to do some research. As I was browsing his website,,  I came across the most fabulous designed shoes that I had ever seen. And as I kept browsing online I then saw the price tag on each pair of shoes and that great Big Smile I had on my face turned into a Great Big Frown. Unfortunately I’m on a tight budget and a pair of exquisite €600.00 Zanotti shoes is just out of my league. That however did not stop me.

Day 1: I began to search everywhere online for those exact replicas. What did I find? Nothing!

Day 2: I continued my tiresome search online, and finally EUREKA! I found an exact replica on I could not believe my eyes. The price tag on these lovely babies… £32.00! Yes, that’s right!!!! I then took the next natural step that any shoe lover what do and I bought them.

It has now been about a couple of months since I bought my red wedges and have started to see many more sites selling Giuseppe Zanotti replicas. This is a must have in your collection of oh so fabulous shoes!

Check out the following sites for other oh so delicious varieties of Giuseppe Zanotti replica shoes:

If you come across other sites with these fab wedges, please drop me a comment with the link. That would be most appreciated! 😉

And remember to take life by the heels and to strut your individuality with great confidence because inside everyone of us there is a Star waiting to shine.