Italian Trends | | Special Edition

My friend received today a Glossybox “special edition!” The box was bright pink! Adorable! And it was filled with lots of Spa goodies, including a chocolate facial mask!!! Next time they have one of these I’m going to have to purchase it!!!

Hope everyone is getting ready for a Beautiful weekend!

Baci, Katica






Italian Trends | | April

Glossybox April has arrived today! This month it came in later than the expected but the Glossybox team made sure that everyone received some extra Glossybox love. They were very kind to apologize to all their fans on their website for the delay in sending out the little boxes. But they added products that were not Italian and they also added an extra treat(s) inside. It usually comes with 5 products and this month it came with 6, plus lots of great coupons!!!!


The little box contains the following products:

1. Cowshed|Cowslip Soothing Hand Cream – Softens hands with a combination of essential oils that are from oranges and mint.

2. Deborah Milano|Prét à Porter – Limited edition nail polish that comes in 60 fashionable shades.

3. Eva Garden|Gloss Brilliant – Lip gloss that gives your lips a voluptuous after effect.

4. So Pure|Color Care Shampoo – Natural shampoo that guarantees lasting color and shine.

5. So Pure|Color Care Conditioner – Natural Conditioner that softens, and adds both shine and volume.

Special Treat – DermoLab|Hydrating facial day cream with hyaluronic acid.

Thank you Glossybox for adding some wonderful new products!

Sending everyone lots of Love and Hugs!

Bacione, Katica

Italian Trends | | March

My March Glossybox Italia has come in today! I was so excited when it arrived that right after I opened it I had to take pictures! I have to say that this month’s edition really impressed me. I Love the products that they sent me and the ones that I have tried so far are Fantastic! I really am enjoying getting this cute, and adorable box in the mail. It is such a treat and surprise cause you never know what you are going to get.


The little box contains the following products:

1. Pevonia|Anti-Stress Bath & Shower Gel – Eliminates toxins and impurities from your skin, leaving it incredibly smooth.

2. Pevonia|Preserve Body Moisturizer – Hydrates dry skin.

3. Caudalie|Moisturizing Sorbet – Gel cream hydrates and reinforces your skin instantly.

4. Isadora|Perfect Moisture Lipstick – Hydrates lips and is long lasting.

5. China Glaze|Matte Magic – Top coat that gives your nail polish a mat effect.

Hope everyone has gotten a chance to try Glossybox. 🙂

Sending everyone lots of Love and Hugs!

Bacione, Katica

Italian Trends |

Glossybox Italia has been recently introduced to the Italian market. I had come across many blogs posting about this cute and adorable little box and its products. At the time it was not available in Italy. This month I recently discovered that the Glossybox trend has taken off in Italy! I do know that many countries offer it, so if you are able to try it out, I highly recommend it.

Today I received the February Glossybox, my first, and it was very exciting receiving it and unpacking it.

The little box contains the following products:

1. Neve Cosmetics|Pastello – Eyeliner

2. Bamboo|Kendi Dry Oil Mist – Protects hair from heat styling tools, adds shine, and strengthens.

3. Prima Spremitura|Shampoo Normalizzante – Olive oil nourishes hair by adding shine and smoothness.

4. Prima Spremitura|Crema Fluida Idratante – Olive oil body cream makes your skin supple and soft.

5. Prima Spremitura|Sapone All’olio D’oliva –  Olive oil soap that nourishes the skin.

Let me know what you think of Glossybox.

Have a wonderful day!

Baci, Katica