I Wish Upon A Little Star… A Missoni Handbag


Italian Trends | Coccinelle Celeste




As I was browsing Glamour Italia the April issue, I came across the advert for Coccinelle’s Celeste line. This bag is so fashionable, it is a small envelope clutch that comes in so many Spring colors. I then noticed lots of girls around town wearing this cute little handbag! I want one!!!! 😉 The pink one is my favorite one!!

Hope everyone has had a great start to their week!!



Style Trend | Rome, Italy – La Borsa da Donna | PVC

Even though Italy is currently experiencing a huge economic crisis, this does not stop Italian women to invest in a gorgeous and breathtaking designer handbag. One thing that is very important for Italian women, is their handbag. It does not matter how much money they are earning, their handbag is their business card to who they are.

I wanted to post this blog to show all of you the latest designer handbags that Italian women are currently wearing around this monumental country. The new PVC trend is definitely a must have in fashion handbags in Italy. It suites women of all ages and can be fun to wear and come in a range of colors.






Baci, Katica