Giuseppe Zanotti… A Girl’s New Bestfriend!

Rome, Italy

Now that the New Year has commenced it is time to make some brand new changes. 2012 I believe is a year to be daring and true to yourself by taking whatever dreams are in the closet out and putting them on like a brand new pair of shoes that have never been worn before because you thought they were just not you.

On that note I would like to start off this new blog of mine about a pair of shoes that I came across a little while back. Oh let me tell you, I could not keep my eyes off of these daring and breathtaking turquoise wedges. These amazingly gorgeous shoes are by Giuseppe Zanotti, an Italian shoe designer, who clearly has a talent for creating the most magnificent designs.  I hadn’t heard of this designer before, so I decided to do some research. As I was browsing his website,,  I came across the most fabulous designed shoes that I had ever seen. And as I kept browsing online I then saw the price tag on each pair of shoes and that great Big Smile I had on my face turned into a Great Big Frown. Unfortunately I’m on a tight budget and a pair of exquisite €600.00 Zanotti shoes is just out of my league. That however did not stop me.

Day 1: I began to search everywhere online for those exact replicas. What did I find? Nothing!

Day 2: I continued my tiresome search online, and finally EUREKA! I found an exact replica on I could not believe my eyes. The price tag on these lovely babies… £32.00! Yes, that’s right!!!! I then took the next natural step that any shoe lover what do and I bought them.

It has now been about a couple of months since I bought my red wedges and have started to see many more sites selling Giuseppe Zanotti replicas. This is a must have in your collection of oh so fabulous shoes!

Check out the following sites for other oh so delicious varieties of Giuseppe Zanotti replica shoes:

If you come across other sites with these fab wedges, please drop me a comment with the link. That would be most appreciated! 😉

And remember to take life by the heels and to strut your individuality with great confidence because inside everyone of us there is a Star waiting to shine.